Services - Dolphins Room (2-3 years)

At Riverlinks Child Care Centre our Dolphins room can have up to 15 children per day, and follows a one educator to 5 children ratio. The Dolphin's room offers a flexible routine and encourages a range of small and large group activities as well as areas that support cooperative and solitary play. As the children build friendships with their peers, educators will guide them through age appropriate social behaviours and skills. Each day the children will engage in both intentional teaching activities as well as lots of children’s choice play. The educators in the Dolphin's room encourage self-help skills, and constant support for your child’s language and self-expression.

Both the qualified and assistant educators plan, document and evaluate in accordance with each child’s interests. With a balance of indoor, outdoor learning experiences and quiet and active times to fulfil each child’s learning needs in spaces that feature both built and natural elements.